Y’all. Y’all. I start school tomorrow, and I’m … well, I’m freaking out about it? I know it’s just one class (until mid-October – then I start chemistry), but it all means that my life is gonna get a bit … unpredictable, methinks. So I’m getting back into doing these to-do lists. They’re probably going to be more academic-based than anything else after this one, but I’m gonna try this whole work-school-life balance thing.

Wish me luck?

  • Complete one (of three) Domestika watercolor course.
  • Work on The Legion.
  • Work on Jill & Abby script.
  • Unfuck my bedroom (yes, it continues).
  • Go thru kitchen items and organize them.
  • Take books/DVDs/video games to McKay’s to sell.
  • Go thru makeup and skincare and organize bathroom/top of dresser.

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