This week has been … rough. For a lot of reasons, and ugh, I’ve been self-medicating by playing video games, working out a little bit on the excessive side of things, ordering skincare products, and getting my hair cut (I have bangs now!). Family issues, quarantine, and work have my psoriasis acting up, and I haven’t been sleeping super well, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night with this weird existential dread, like I did a few nights ago. Plus, school starts tomorrow, which … eek, so I have to get a hold of this. I’ve come up with kind of a schedule to follow, although I’m not sure how well I’m going to hold myself to it. Time will tell.

  • Complete mermaid/water spirit idea
  • Unfuck my bedroom
  • Unfuck my bathroom
  • Take Sister Person to At Home to pick a damn rug
  • Finish up patio area under the deck
  • Work on script for Jill & Abby
  • Finish outline/treatment for Fairplay (working title)
  • Order math book (have to hear from the instructor as to what said book is)
  • Buy/borrow calculator
  • Get oil changed
  • Call county clerk to see how to get car title changed into my name

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