If you haven’t been following what’s going on in my life, hoo boy …

For starters, I’m going back to school! I thought that I had missed the deadline to get into the fall semester, but as it turns out, I had not. Over the course of the previous week, I resent all of my transcripts, spoke with my advisor (who was actually my old advisor from the last time I was in college), signed up for a payment plan (I don’t qualify for student loans/financial aid since I’m only taking one class), enrolled in a math class, and officially started freaking out. I could barely stay focused at work, so be impressed that I’m holding it together enough to write this paragraph.

Anyway, I didn’t get as much accomplished over this past week as I wanted … well, you know what? I got a lot accomplished. None of what I accomplished had much to do with what I had planned last week, but I’m okay with that. I did finally hang up my curtains, though, so now I can not worry about flashing my neighbor as I get out of the shower, and I made some decent progress on my water/mermaid sprite painting (check out my Insta later on today for some snapshots!). A lot of this week is going to be repeats of last’s, but I’m adding some school-related things because I fucking can.

  • Complete mermaid/water spirit idea
  • Unfuck my bedroom
  • Choose three outdoor rugs for Sister Person (she won’t tell me what size I need to pick #angryface)
  • Set up herb garden
  • Finish up patio area under the deck
  • Work on script for Jill & Abby
  • Outline/treatment for Fairplay (working title)
  • Figure out how I’m supposed to pay for a math book that is almost $200.00
  • Get oil changed
  • Speak with advisor about what classes I absolutely have to take

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