29 day challenge: friends, day 20: in which I have a favorite episode …

I am so close to being caught up and almost did Day 20 yesterday, just so I’d only need to do two more to be completely up-to-date on this challenge. But this past week has been exhausting. So I gave myself a bit of a break.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to say their favorite Friends episode is “The One Where Everybody Finds Out,” and I won’t be the last. Why? The narrative is solid; the acting is perfect; and this happens:

Phoebe: Oh! My eyes! MY EYES!

Almost everything about this episode is flawless. I don’t even mind Ross’ main storyline, where he was finally getting his own apartment: they were finally retiring the Ugly Naked Guy gag, which actually did bother me even back when it wasn’t seen as problematic (I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, though, which is regrettable in and of itself). The only thing I really didn’t like was how weird and possessive Ross was about Monica sleeping with Chandler. He came tearing over in the next episode, as if he had to defend his sister’s honor and as if she hadn’t made the choice to have sex with Chandler in the first place. Like … come on.

But other than that? A superb thirty-minutes (minus commercials) of comedy. From Chandler announcing with faux glee “ALL NIGHT LAUNDRY” to Phoebe’s mating dance to Joey’s disappointment of having to still keep their secret, I could watch this episode at least once a week and not get tired of it. And once I’m done working on Day 21, I am most definitely gonna go do just that.

Art Credit: ThingLink, She Knows

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