29 day challenge: friends, day 19: in which I have a favorite season ten episode …

Okay, so I did a quick reevaluation of Season Ten and realized that, even though it was generally one giant crap bag, there was one episode that should have been clear to me was my favorite of the bunch. I just have so much vitriol for this season that it’s hard to remember anything positive about it, and I’m a little ashamed that I forgot about this one.

Although Phoebe’s wedding wasn’t as iconic as Ross and Emily’s London wedding, as long-awaited as Monica and Chandler’s, or as socially groundbreaking as Carol and Susan’s, it is definitely the one that speaks to me the most. The wedding ceremony was perfect, and if I ever get married again, I want something like it. Phoebe’s dress? OMG. The steel drums, the snow, the lights? Seriously. The vows? Make me cry. I literally love it all, even the snow, and I’m pretty much completely anti-precipitation in all forms.

The episode itself wasn’t really that great – aside from one of the best Phoebe tirades ever (directed at Monica for being an overbearing, smug bitch) and the actual ceremony itself – which is unfortunate, but it was just how Season Ten was going to be apparently. Little bright spots on a giant turd.

Phoebe deserved better. At least Ross got peed on by a dog … wait, am I making that up??

Art Credit: ThingLink, Creatively Unhinged

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