So, in our house, my sister and I have this little reading “nook*” by the doors leading out to the deck, an idea I had after moving the little dresser that had been there for years. It’s not much at the moment, but it’s a comfy seat to wait for the dogs to come back and beg to be let in or just sit and watch the little birds that like to hop around on the various surfaces that are out on the deck. Next to the big chair I placed there, a little lamp sits on a little table, looking rather innocent.

Except that the damn thing is haunted**.

It’s a tacky thing, too.

It turns itself on throughout the day, sometimes even when you yell at it. Today, I’ve turned it off five or six times, and … yep, it’s back on right the hell now.

I first thought my sister was full of shit, but then I witnessed it magically light up as I was working on a brick-by-brick puzzle. It’s less of a novelty now, and I’ve found myself irritably arguing with an inanimate object as I get out of my chair to turn the damn lamp off. But then again, coronavirus/social distancing has me going crazy, anyway.

* I say “nook,” but it’s more that one of the doors can’t be opened, so it’s really a glorified corner of the room.

** Like, I logically know that it’s probably a wiring issue. It’s one of those touch-activated lamps, so it’s reacting to something. I just prefer to think it’s the soul of the old lady who used to live here that’s just being contrary.

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