30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge, Day 26: Favorite Garry Moment

It would be ridiculously easy to just pick one of the many times Garry fucks up throughout the show because I feel like Parks and Rec could have just as easily been the “Garry Fucks Up” documentary series, but none of these are even close to my favorite. Plus, it doesn’t fit with my theme of STOP BEING A DICK TO GARRY that I’ve dedicated myself to for the past 26 days, so instead, I’m going with one of the sweetest interactions of seven seasons.

Donna always seemed to have a soft spot for ol’ Garry, even while she was making fun of him and especially near the end of the series. At her wedding to Joe, she has his real name on his place setting, which results in April mocking him for having yet another name. Donna and Garry have the above shown wordless moment of, “I see you,” and it brings tears to my eyes. He is just so delighted that everyone will be calling him by his real name, and her loving wink is just so … gaahhhh. I wish there were more moments like this for Garry in Parks and Rec.

Art Credit: Reppiced, Giphy

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