30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge, Day 22: Favorite April Moment

After Tom, who I’ll cover at the end of the month, April changes the most throughout Parks and Recreation. Aubrey Plaza plays her so naturally that seeing her mature into the weird adult she becomes doesn’t seem at all out of place. Plus, she rabidly holds onto her edge in later seasons, as shown by my two favorite moments:

I absolutely love this scene from Season Four, where she and Andy are hosting a debate party for Leslie’s campaign donors. They’re known for their roleplaying, and the characters shine here as they mock the very wealthy people they are supposed to be courting. April’s fake laugh is one of the best moments in the episode, right after Andy ending his sentence with, “The economy?” God, I love that scene so much.

And then there’s the time when Ben believes he has an idea of what is going on in April’s head, to which she says, “Well, welcome to the terror dome,” which is more or less exactly how I would assume April’s brain works, and by extension Aubrey Plaza’s. More often than not, I find Ann most accurately sums me up, but in moments like these, I just yell, “OMG YES” at the screen. My mind is an annoyingly clogged up space, where I have a mixture of random pop culture references that no one gets, story ideas, anxiety, depression, a mutual flight/fight/befriend response to interacting with humans, and cat pictures. So basically: Terror Dome.

Art Credit: Reppiced, Monica Mary Moser, The Frisky

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