30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge, Day 20: Favorite Andy Moment

There are so many great Andy Dwyer moments that it is nigh but impossible to choose just one of them. Like, that time he walks like a chimpanzee while wearing Chris’ Vibrams? Or when he lists off various secrets he has to Ron? Or when he sings to a bunch of kids at Craig’s nephew’s birthday party? Gah. But then I remembered London.

So I should probably provide context for these for those of you who haven’t, for whatever depraved reason, watched Parks and Rec. Ben and Andy are in London to ask Lord Covington (the dude in the second gif) for money to start an international music program for children. Andy gets distracted by toy helicopters on the table and quickly chooses one that Covington is just one second behind selecting, and when Ben tries to convince Andy to be respectful of Covington’s rank within the British monarchy (they own Scotland, apparently), both Andy and the lord are incredulous that Ben would try to override the concept of “calling” something.

Honestly, any time Covington and Andy interact is amazing, like when they both ask Ben for permission to get ice cream, but this is without a doubt my favorite. They are just two peas in an across-the-pond pod.

Art Credit: Reppiced, Tumblr, Parks and Rec Tumblr

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