30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge, Day 16: Favorite and Least Favorite Romances

So I looked at my calendar and realized that I had completely omitted “Favorite Ben Moment,” which is why I’m combining Days 16 and 17. I mean, how could I have done that?? Anyway, I’m going to be pretty quick about this one because I have to be at work in about … oh, an hour.

I could totally be predictable and go with Leslie and Ben because their relationship is amazing and wonderful and inspirational, but honestly, my favorite romance is Donna and Joe. He loves her unconditionally, and she does not have to compromise who she is to be with him. They make an incredible team, and at this point in my life, that’s what I want: a two-person team. I love that she originally left the relationship because she was worried she would become “boring,” but eventually realized that, while she did need the freedom to disappear to go fly-fishing, the drama that Meagles crave isn’t exactly the most healthy thing. He grounds her, much like Diane does for Ron.

Runners Up: Ron and Diane, April and Andy

And for least favorite? Well, I have to go with Tom and Mona Lisa, as much as I enjoyed watching the dumpster fire. She’s even more selfish than Tom and spends most of her time manipulating him, even if she can only maintain her ruse for a few minutes before berating him for believing her (like when he thought she was pregnant in the Season Five finale).

Runner Up: Tom and Ann.

Alrighty-roo, I’m off! Hope y’all have a great evening because I know I won’t!

Art Credit: Recipped, TV Exposure

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