I only have four tattoos at the moment, and for the most part, I’m okay with this. The first one I got was when I was 19, and I literally went up to one of the sheets on the wall and pointed to a fish that reminded me of the ones from the original Fantasia.

My favorite is my back piece, inspired by the folk art of my Polish heritage, although it was insanely painful, as to be expected by having someone poke a needle in your spine, but the artist was incredibly talented and managed to make the experience significantly less miserable.

I know this is super blurry, but I took this picture in, like, 2009 in the mirror, so … this is what you’re gonna get.

I got Wonder Woman on my right side, but she’s badly needing a facelift; the dude who did it didn’t really know how to do a comic book style, and Diana looks like she could use some Botox. Or … a nose. Sigh.

The most recent addition is the smallest – an om symbol on the inside of my left wrist – and is the beginning of a full sleeve. I already have a design in mind, and it’s gonna be beautiful. And expensive.

The concept of remaining poor for the remainder of my life is not necessarily a blissful experience, but I have an ever-growing list of wants that I figure I should document somewhere because I’ll probably forget at least one of them.

  • latitude and longitude of where I was born – Biloxi, MS, bitches!
  • “The Big Hungry Bear” – I read this book as a child and want an image from one of the last pages (that I can’t manage to find on the internet anywhere) where the mouse is sharing the strawberry with the reader.
  • A hummingbird sipping out of a lilac, to honor both of my grandmothers
  • A Major’s insignia – both of my parents were majors in the Air Force
  • A simple black cross on the top of my right foot
  • Purple lightsaber
  • A combination of my Big Three zodiac signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini)
  • Pig (born in the Year of the Boar, but pigs are so much cuter than boars)
  • Llama or alpaca
  • “Remember Where You Came From” – a quote from both of my parents that they’d say anytime I’d leave the house
  • A phoenix – lord knows how many times I’ve crashed and burned, literally in at least one case

I’m definitely going to be adding to this as I go (and remember all the ones I’ve wanted to get), but I’m pretty satisfied with this list so far.

Art Credit: Tumblr

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