28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 25: Something that Didn’t Happen I Wish Did

For today’s challenge, I have the same difficulties as yesterday, but it comes a bit easier, as there was one thing I had hoped to see a bit more. I always felt that Merle wasn’t treated as well as Magnus or Taako in terms of a life outside of the BoB. Sure, he was a shitty father and a mediocre cleric (at best), but Taako was selfish and vain, while Magnus was single-minded and arrogant. It was the the latter two that seemed to get that wholesome ending, a true epilogue to their 100+ year journey. Merle got a … town? And set up an adventuring company with his kids? I don’t know; it just didn’t seem as profound as the other two.

I’m sorry for the short answer to this, but I’m still exhausted, and I have a whole work week ahead of me. So off to bed I go.

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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