28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 24: Something that Happened I Wish Didn’t

So sorry I’m late on getting this published, but after six days straight of working, I needed to get some sleep. Plus, I was worrying myself about how I was supposed to answer this question, and I am literally at a loss at how to complete today’s challenge topic. You’d think that nearly a month of thinking of practically nothing other than The Adventure Zone, I would be able to zero in on one thing. I know this podcast isn’t perfect, but damn. I gotta give it a try, though.

I suppose I could approach this from less a “this would have improved the story” and more a “this occurrence sucked” sort of thing. That’s probably the best way actually? Because I can totally go to Magnus forgetting the existence of Governor Kailen (spelling??). As a character moment, it’s a beautiful thing, but knowing that doesn’t dull the sting. His wife’s and mentor’s deaths were tied to that guy, and Magnus’ quest for eventual vengeance would seem confusing to him. I’m not quite sure why Taako and Merle couldn’t just tell Magnus about the Guv over and over again, like Adam Sandler’s character in 50 First Dates does to Drew Barrymore’s, but meh, that’s probably me thinking about it too hard.

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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