30 Day Challenge: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Day 21: Least Favorite Romance

This really should come as no surprise to anyone, and as such, I’m not going to hide my answer behind the cut: Willow and Xander is the absolute worst character coupling throughout the entire series. I hate it so much that I’m not even going to include a picture of the two.

That’s how you know I mean business, I suppose.

Throughout the first season, we have to endure Willow pining after her long-time best friend as he lusts after a completely uninterested Buffy, and just when it looks like both have moved on in the second season – Xander with Cordelia, and Willow and Oz – the third season brings us this forced forbidden romance that sizzled with the chemistry of two turtles fucking. Thankfully, the relationship doesn’t last long, and Cordelia’s story gets much more fascinating because of it*, so ultimately, it’s kind of a win?

I still loathe this story line, though. Ugh.

Art Credit: Buffy Wiki

* This is what makes Cordy’s character arc so interesting to me. Her entire life is changed by her involvement with the Scoobies, especially with Xander, and that series of choices leads her to LA, where she continues to grow into the awesome woman that Whedon eventually destroys by making her into a demon incubator. Because Whedon.

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