30 Day Challenge: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Day 19: Something That Didn’t Happen I Wish Did

In a nutshell? I wish Xander actually had to face real consequences for the shitty things he did.

  • He nearly raped Buffy when he was under the influence of the demon hyena but was allowed by Giles to not talk about it and pretend he didn’t remember it.
  • He didn’t tell Buffy that Willow was going to re-curse Angel, instead informing her that she had said, “Kick his ass.” It’s briefly mentioned in Season Seven, but more as a throwaway thing. Literally never mentioned again.
  • He leaves Anya at the altar and, other than losing Anya, nothing about his life really changes. For Anya, she loses everything, including her sense of self.
  • His relationship with Anya centers around him having found a woman who makes him feel like a man, especially at the beginning.
  • He can’t handle the fact that everyone is more powerful than he is. At least he seems to have come to terms with it by Season Seven, but by then, meh? It’s a little too late for it to matter to me.
  • He is awful to Cordelia while they are dating, making comments on her appearance or just mocking her in general. I mean, he was terrible to her prior to that, too, and I do not make any allowances for him acting like a dick then, but it’s ridiculous that she puts up with his behavior when they finally do get together officially.
  • Specifically, he tries to get Cordelia to fall in love with him so he can humiliate her, and she still goes out with him once all that’s revealed because … romance?

I could literally go on for pages here, because he literally suffers no consequences. He still has his friends and his job and whatever, while everyone else has to deal with their actions. It’s infuriating. I blame Whedon.

Art Credit: Buffy Wiki

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