30 Day Challenge: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Day 14: Favorite Season Four Episode

So because I already chose “Restless” as my favorite episode overall, I can’t just choose it again. Well, I could, but I won’t. That’s called cheating. And cheaters never prosper, except they totally do or no one would ever do it.

But I digress.

I love every single Halloween episode of Buffy. The concept that demons hate the holiday is pure genius on Whedon’s part, and it totally fits the mythos that he created: humanity is just as big a bad as the demons are, creating hellscapes of their own, and Season Four’s “Fear Itself” is perfectly exemplary of that.

Fear Demon

Not only is the fear demon summoned by human ineptitude, all of the terror of the episode is based on each of the character’s internal issues. Buffy is worried she is all alone, partly due to being abandoned by asshole Parker; Xander feels left behind and ignored by his college-attending friends; Willow is terrified of her own growing power and untested abilities; Oz fears the unholy beast inside him will overcome his normally calm demeanor and destroy those he loves; Anya is scared of bunnies and of losing Xander.

Over the past few days, I have found that my favorite episodes all have a similarity: they are all character studies. Most have a plot separate from that – unless we’re counting “Restless” – but they only reinforce the examinations of the casts’ character development. I love a good, heart-pounding sequence of events, but if that’s all there is? I get bored. Very easily.

Alrighty, I have to get back to my 1667 words for today in my own piece of fiction, so … off I go. And then I’ll probably watch some Buffy.

Art Credit: Buffy Wiki, Gifer

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