30 Day Challenge: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Day 8: Least Favorite Villain

Over seven seasons, you’ve got great villains, like yesterday’s Mayor Wilkins, Season Five’s Glory, or Season Two’s Spike, Drusilla, and Angel. They strike fear into the Scoobies. The viewers honestly don’t know how the good guys will manage to triumph, but they partially don’t care because the villains are just so … fascinating. You may not necessarily want them to win, but you want to watch them.

And then the premier of season five brought us this turd:


Now, I think I know what the writers were going for by bringing in Dracula: this iconic villain was meant to show that Buffy attracted and was attracted to darkness in a way she doesn’t understand. The four previous seasons had dealt with Buffy’s otherness, but it was more in a “but I wanna be a normal girl” way. You know, typical teen drama fare. But “Buffy vs. Dracula,” she’s starting to embrace who and what she is, even if she isn’t entirely sure what either of those are.

But as an episode’s Big Bad? And as one that is supposed to open an entire season? Dracula is predictable and weak and kind of cheap, especially comparing him to Glory, a literal hellgod. He tried using the same hypnosis that the Master used on Buffy in the Season One finale, to the same exact effect (getting his ass kicked), and … honestly? He was just boring and forgettable, words a writer never wants to see describing one of their characters. It was amusing to see him control Xander like a little puppet, but that’s probably just because I loathe Xander. However, that’s not enough to keep him from being my least favorite villain in BTVS history.

Art Credit: Buffy Wiki, Buzzfeed

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