on rotation …

So today, in another artist-focused “on rotation …” — Sofi Tukker is probably one of my favorite music acts, which probably explains why they show up on my “on rotation …” posts on a fairly frequent basis, and since their new album comes out in just a few days, I’m going to dedicate today’s post to them!

If you’re not familiar with Sofi Tukker, first of all, why, and second of all, I’m here to fix that for you. They’re an absolutely delightful duo who entertained me on a weekly basis on Tuesdays throughout 2021 with their House Tuesdays:

I didn’t realize how much I loved house/EDM music as much as I do until I started listening to them, and 2021 really cemented that love. I’m probably going to do an entire “on rotation …” house edition soon, but for now? Let’s take a listen at some of my favorite ST songs:

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