art challenge

So … now that school is done (what), I have some time on my hands! One of my goals this year was to work on my art, and well, what with that whole nursing school thing, it was difficult to actually practice as much as I wanted. I’m not going professional or anything, but I definitely want to continue to improve and develop current and new skills, and as such, I’ll be doing an art challenge in September.

But this art challenge is trying to focus on my obsession with perfection. I have been looking at each piece of art that I do as something that needs to be this masterpiece, and LOL, half of them turn out to be duds because I just DO instead of PRACTICE. And that’s what I’m going to be doing: practicing, playing with different media, trying new techniques, etc., for the entire 30 days, but not necessarily for completion. I’ll be posting over on Insta and Tumblr, so if you wanna watch my attempts at bettering myself as an artist, please head on over! I’d love to see some feedback, too, and even though I’ll be using a self-compiled mishmash of different prompts from various challenges I’ve found on the web, I’ll gladly accept others if you’ve got ’em! It’s not set in stone, after all.

Well, here’s to another monthly challenge! May it be fruitful!

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