I had this on my 2021 archives page but didn’t remember that I was doing this art challenge until I actually went to edit the archives page and saw that I had written it on there. So … I guess I’m doing the thing? I’m not sure what I meant by a mini-challenge, but my current interpretation of the event is to not do it every day? I’m giving myself 15 challenges over a 31-day period, which I think is a fair expectation, especially from someone who frequently gets overwhelmed with the goals I’ve given myself and just collapses from the pressure.

If you want to follow along, I’m doing the challenge over on Insta. My first entry was yesterday; I just forgot to mention it here … which is pretty on brand, really. But here’s what I made just a few hours ago:

golden dandelion …

I didn’t make the frame: that actually came with what I ended up using as a canvas, and I think it fits the painting quite well!

I’ll be trying a lot of new things this month, and it’s a bit scary so … wish me luck!

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