31 day star wars challenge, day 30: in which I discuss what I’d like to see next …

I mean, I feel like this is a cheat post since there are about five million TV shows coming out soon, but hey, I’ll take a stab at this: I want to see more of the extended universe that was turned into Star Wars Legends become canon. I want me some Mara Jade, some Teneniel Djo, some Jorus C’baoth, some Talon Karrde … I know we’ve seen Admiral Thrawn, which makes me super happy, but he’s not enough.

I understand why they wiped it out of the canon, but I also don’t understand why they couldn’t have done something akin to the MCU being separate from Marvel comics – different universes, right? That many more ways to milk money from the fans? There are probably legal reasons, most likely stemming from the fact that Disney already doesn’t want to pay authors, so obviously that would have to be rectified before anything could continue, but still.


Art Credit: 99 Designs

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