31 day star wars challenge, day 26: in which there is something I hate that everyone else loves …

I get that Star Wars is supposedly made for kids, per those exact words coming out of George Lucas’ mouth, and that’s fine. Its universal appeal is why the fictional universe has managed to stay as popular as it has, despite the very egregious missteps they’ve made with a few of the films. But! That being said, please give me a reason other than KIDS LIKE THEM as to why the porgs exist. At least the Ewoks have a purpose. They’re involved in the downfall of the Empire, their cuteness be damned.

I mean, yes, I know, Rian Johnson used them to digitally cover up the puffins that just wouldn’t go away per his demands as he filmed, but I legitimately can’t stand them. I groaned when one screamed like Chewbacca. I’m even refusing to put a picture up, even though admittedly they are cute.

Fucking porgs.

Art Credit: 99 Designs

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