31 day star wars challenge, day 10: in which I have a favorite scene from a new hope …

First day of nursing school complete. Only 16 more months to go … I don’t know how it’s already May in AD 2021, but here we are.

Anyway, despite the original trilogy being focused around Luke’s journey (and sure, there’s the whole Rebellion and shit, but it’s about Luke, y’all), the movies are truly at their best when they’re treated as an ensemble film. All of the characters have such clear goals, especially in the first movie, and when they play against each other, it’s just great cinema.

The entire trash compactor scene is perfection: the main characters’ personalities and ultimate aims bounce off each other in wonderful ways. Desperately needing to get back to the Rebels with the Death Star plans, Leia is innovative and spontaneous in her solution to escaping the stormtroopers, even if it does lead them into a precarious situation – the trash compactor – and she manages to stay in control as much as she can, ordering the guys around and racking her brain for a new step in her ever-evolving plan to get off the Death Star. Han’s pessimism, pragmatism, and sarcastic commentary contrasts so well with Luke’s youthful enthusiasm for death-defying danger, all the while Chewie is just trying to stay alive in a space that was only getting smaller. The men definitely have less serious goals than Leia – Han wants money so he can pay back Jabba the Hutt, who hasn’t yet put a bounty on his head, and Luke is dipping his toes into the identity of a hero after losing his aunt and uncle – but that doesn’t make them any less dedicated to them. Then you add Artoo and Threepio in the mix, reacting to the danger the others are in, and you’ve got a scene that manages to balance humor and high-stakes drama that actually is a hard line to walk without veering more into one over the other.

And that’s all y’all are getting out of me today. I am exhausted from all of the activity I’ve managed to fit in the last 10 hours, so I’m gonna do some yoga and then probably take a nap. Or maybe take a sleep. Who knows. Tomorrow also has me doing my first clinical at 7A, so … probably a sleep, now that I think about it.

Send me good vibes please?

Art Credit: 99 Designs, Pristine Auction

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