I found out last week that I have, indeed, been accepted into the accelerated nursing program at the university I’ve been taking prerequisites and will have my BSN by August 2022, with the expectation that I will pass my boards and all that fun shit. Obviously, I am very excited about this, even if it does mean that, for the next seventeen months, I will have little to no life at all, although at this point in the pandemic, I’m kind of used to that.

I’m going to try to keep up with this blog as much as I can, though. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I have to have a creative balance, and writing/painting/drawing/whatever are just as important to my mental wellbeing as eating, sleeping, and exercising are. I’ll probably be posting some medically-related content, as well, which should make this place even less themed than it has been, but oh well. There’s gonna be a little bit of everything, I suppose.

And now I have to go study for my microbio final, which … damn, that class has just flown by. And next week starts my final prereq, anatomy and physiology! Dear god, it’s going to be May super quickly, isn’t it?

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