28 day xena: warrior princess challenge, day 15: in which I have a least favorite recurring character …

Xena is arguably world-famous, mostly due to the fact that she was a ruthless warrior princess, but it’s safe to say she is pretty recognizable. But Xena: Warrior Princess writers would have us believing that there are not one, not two, but at least three women in “Ancient” Greece that are exact copies of Xena. And that these women have never, prior to dealing with her, been mistaken for Xena in their entire lives?

This is not to say the episodes in which Xena has a clone – or sometimes clones, as shown in the above picture (guess which one is Xena) – aren’t incredibly fun. I absolutely love it when Meg shows up because a) she’s delightful and b) she’s mischievous (guess which one above is Meg), and even Diana and Leah are worthy of Lucy Lawless’ range. I’m sure Lucy had a blast playing against herself, similarly to Tatiana Maslany’s multiple roles in Orphan Black, yet another show I’m going to have to do a challenge on.

But I kind of wish they’d have only created Meg, or at least gone with an actress that kind of resembles Lucy Lawless for the other two (I know, I know, Diana came first, but Lucy’s performance as Meg is hilarious and perfect, and I have such a hard time dealing with Diana’s voice), a la Keira Knightley and Veronica Segura as Padme’s decoys in the Star Wars prequels. The ploy keeps getting used over and over again, and it just feels lazy to me. So this is less of a least favorite recurring character and more of a least favorite recurring concept that just happens to include a specific type of characters, if that makes any sense.

Art Credit: Varese Sarabande, Hercules & Xena Wiki

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