28 day xena: warrior princess challenge, day 5: in which there are hilarious mid-90s sfx …

So this is actually not what I was going to originally for today, but! I really wanted to make sure that I had plenty of time to watch the last three seasons before I got into them. School and work are hella crazy right now, so I was only able to watch an episode or two a day, and well … I would only be about halfway through the fourth season right now, so you get one of the challenge days that I was going to do later this month. I’ve already updated the challenge page to reflect this change, because I’m being responsible these days.

Anyway, today is the time to revel in some of the terrible, terrible CGI that we were forced to sit through on television shows that were made before “prestige” TV became a thing. Although honestly, I kind of miss the goofy shit that was on Xena and other series at the time; they were definitely trying to be serious, and Xena always decided to go with some of the most bizarre representations of things they couldn’t get actors to do, like the harpies from “Mortal Beloved.” As the series went on, though, they got trippier, which is where my favorite example shines.

In “Adventures in the Sin Trade,” we get the two scenes below. I’m combining them because they really are perfect examples at how unabashedly weird the show got from Season 4 and onward. Plus, I love the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon feel to the second video.

Runner Up: the eagle that Xena fights in “Prometheus

Art Credit: Varese Sarabande

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