The semester doesn’t start until the 19th, but last night, I had my first Zoom session about what I have to do over the next month which will make me go crazy. First, I have to get a whole bunch of medical stuff done (titers, physical, TB test, drug screen, etc.). Second, I’ll need to pay for a background check. Third, I need to get CPR recertified, and fourth, fill out financial aid/scholarship applications. Fifth, I’ll be speaking with a health insurance broker because I am required to have health insurance while in school (but the school doesn’t offer it, which seems like a huge oversight, considering they discourage working throughout the 16 months it takes to complete the program, but hey, I’m just a dumb Millennial). And that doesn’t even include work and the two classes I’ll be taking. Oh, and it all has to be done by 2/15/2021. Not the classes or work, obviously, but all the other stuff.

So I’m trying to not freak out. I mean, I’m low-key freaking out, obviously, but I think the fact my period is starting soon is why I’m not in full freakout mode. I’ve been migraining and pre-bloating because LOL of course I am. Next week? Well, we’ll discuss how I feel then.

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