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And now onto Abby, the younger sister! Abby is a successful social media manager for a local chain of coffee shops, and she also runs a small web designing company, which is her true passion. She recently inherited the house of her biological maternal grandmother, and she and her husband, Steven, moved in shortly before her estranged sister announced she would be returning home. Without any hesitation, Abby offered to let Jill stay with them and is trying to balance repairing their relationship with the rest of her hectic life.

LOVES: K-dramas, her exercise ball chair, cheetahs, the color green; HATES: needlessly expensive children’s clothing.


Robyn performs at Radio City Music Hall in 2011

Abby’s music tends to be more poppy than her older sister’s – although no less diverse – and her love of Robyn’s album Body Talk is the best evidence of that. She eagerly looks forward to whatever Robyn releases, but “Dancing on My Own” is still her absolute favorite: she and two of her friends from her book club even tried to learn the dance moves from the music video. They weren’t very successful, in case you were wondering.


As a Nashvillian, Abby grew up with country music playing all around her, and although she shunned the genre throughout her teenage years, she discovered that it wasn’t all bro-country. Maren Morris was the first country star to really catch her ear when her fourth album, Hero, was released in 2016, and Abby nearly purchased an 80s Mercedes because of the song by Morris.


Abby absolutely loves the entire lo-fi hip hop craze and is a regular listener to ChilledCow’s livestream. Now combine that with Abby’s obsession with Korean dramas, you can bet she probably heard Yerang Lee‘s new single, “Flower Garden,” on that YouTube channel.


Abby is just as susceptible to advertisements as Jill is (remember Jill’s love of the Bodyrocker’s “The Way You Move”), as she was introduced to Sofi Tukker through one of Apple’s iPhone commercials that featured “Best Friend,” but ever since then, the band has been a staple on her daily playlists, just to infuse a bit of peppy fun into it (specifically “Fuck They,” from the same album).


The first time Abby heard of Rhiannon Giddens was when she discovered the incredible music of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, a group that Giddens founded in Durham, NC, and Abby just naturally started following her solo career. Abby never really enjoyed Americana-style music very much until she heard Rhiannon and has since expanded her horizons there, but her she always seems to come back to her first. Giddens’ most recent full album – 2017’s Freedom Highway – is currently heavily in Abby’s music rotation, especially, “Julie.”


Abby’s first musical obsession was Madonna, and it started when she was just a little girl. She would bounce around to “Material Girl” and didn’t understand why her father had a problem with her listening to Erotica. Her favorite Madonna era, though, spanned from 1998 – 2000, particularly her Ray of Light album. Even though Madonna has proved incredibly problematic and Abby has sort of stopped trying to defend the woman, she can’t manage to keep herself from listening to the album, especially her favorite song from it, “Frozen.”


So you know how above it says Abby loves K-dramas? Well, she first got into anime when she was trying to bond with Jill in high school, and that led her to the completely incomparable Yoko Kanno, an amazing composer who has created iconic music for several anime series that somehow manages to be ageless. But Abby’s favorite? Her work on Cowboy Bebop. No matter how many times she listens to the opening theme (and the first song on the first OST), “Tank!,” she always gets lost in the music and always manages to regret stopping trumpet lessons.


Despite abandoning her training as a trumpet player, Abby maintains a special love for jazz music. She bounces from classic jazz like Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, and their contemporaries to newer artists, like Kandace Springs. “Unsophisticated” was the first song Abby ever heard by her and it quickly cemented itself as one of her favorite songs of all time. And one of the quickest ways to get Abby pissed off is to tell her that jazz is on its way out or that it’s only for old, rich, white men. FYI.


Another way to piss Abby off is to talk shit about Mariah Carey. She still blissfully owns the DVD to Glitter and has every single album she has ever released. She is also eagerly awaiting the autobiography coming out in September 2020 (who isn’t??) and has felt the need to relisten to the entirety of her discography, although she does tend to revisit 1997’s Butterfly more often than many of the others. She doesn’t mean to be partial, but damn, it has “Fourth of July” on it.


Michael Kiwanuka is one of Abby’s most recent musical discoveries, and she literally can’t get enough of him. He reminds her of the old 1960s and 1970s soul artists she and her father would listen to when she was younger, and just the sheer emotion behind his voice is enough to bring her to tears. “Cold Little Heart” just happens to be one of the first songs on her wake-up playlist that starts her day, and she’ll often skip over several of the ones before it just so she can hear it.

Art Credit: NPR, Country Now (Harper Smith photographer), YouTube, Time, LA Times, Discogs, KFMA, BlueJazz+, Billboard, Qobuz

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