29 day challenge: friends, day 27: in which I have favorite promo pics …

I unironically love the kitschiness of a large chunk of advertising in the 90s. Do you remember the over-sized images in Skechers ads? Or the fun fonts in Delia’s catalogs? The simplicity yet over-the-top message of the Got Milk campaign? Well, promotional images for Friends followed a lot of the same trends, and I kind of wish that we would go back in this direction when promoting TV/comics/movies/etc. Do they always make sense? Not even in the slightest, but they sure as hell look fun.

Like everyone else looks mildly concerned here, but Monica embodies the exact opposite aura of her character and just seems breezy about what has all of her friends super worried.

This is arguably one of the most famous promo pics the six did ever, and I love how they all have genuinely “excuse me, can’t I drink my milkshake in peace” expressions on their faces.

I have many questions about this one: 1) why is everyone but Rachel asleep in their day clothes? 2) why is Rachel naked except for what appear to be, at the least, a pair of very sheer socks? 3) why is Rachel awake? 4) why is Rachel not telling her friends that a creepy person is taking a picture of them sleeping? 5) can Rachel give me tips on how to do her makeup here?

This whole sequence of pictures of the main cast is my favorite, though. They all look legitimately like friends here, even if they are walking down a somehow empty street (alley? I dunno, I was only in NYC for like three days) in formal wear. Also I looooooooove Rachel’s dress.

Art Credit: ThingLink, Bustle, Pulse.lk, Warner Bros, CBS58

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