29 day challenge: friends, day 22: in which I have a favorite romance …

Lookie! I am only one challenge day behind!! And this shall be fixed by the end of the day, just you watch.

Okay, so this is a situation where I like the idea/concept so much more than the execution. I know so many people hated this pairing, but this is a couple that I will ship until the day I die:

There is actually a Twitter feed that already did a great job of summarizing why Joey and Rachel were such a great couple and “should have been END GAME,” so click on that link.

All I’m going to add is this: the writers botched this so badly. They ruined Charlie by having her reunite with her ex instead of being someone that Ross genuinely meshed with and thus could finally rid himself of that possessive, decades-long crush he had for Rachel, and they ruined Joey and Rachel, soulmates and best friends who supported each other and loved each other unconditionally. Had they actually believed in the relationship they created, it could have elevated those last two seasons. But instead, we get Ross and Rachel back together inexplicably, and then Joey got his own terrible spin-off show that shouldn’t have lasted more than a few episodes.

I’m still mad about this.

Art Credit: ThingLink, Pinterest

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