29 day challenge: friends, day 14: in which I have a favorite season five episode …

Anytime I do a rewatch of Friends, by the time I get to the fifth season, any excuse to watch Ross humiliate himself is enough for me to go make a bag of freshly popped popcorn and pretend to be the Michael Jackson gif.

When he failed miserably at flirting with Caitlin, the pizza delivery woman, in “The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt,” I guffawed as he started babbling about the smell that’s added to gas. Hell, I still laugh when that scene comes around. Part of it is because Ross is getting intolerable, but the other is because I have been that awkward person trying to figure out how to engage someone else in conversation.

But the absolute best example of this happened in my favorite Season Five episode, “The One with All the Resolutions.” His leather pants debacle is so goddamn funny the whole way through, and knowing that’s it happening to Ross makes it that much better.

And like I feel a little bad for him when he’s standing there in Monica’s doorway, holding his ruined leather pants in his arms and pouting dejectedly, but he ends that by being weird about being a cowboy.

Plus, the rest of the episode is just so solid. Well, Monica’s lie about cleaning Chandler’s room as her “second job” was ludicrous, if only because both she and Chandler thought that Rachel believed the story. Other than that, I love every minute, and how they tie in everyone’s resolutions is pure comedic genius, especially Rachel promising not to gossip while having some of the juiciest news (Monica and Chandler getting it on) of her entire life. Somewhere around the middle of Season Six, the writers kind of lost their mojo (it picked up again in Season Eight, thankfully), but at least I have episodes like this one to remind me that they actually deserved the awards they got.

Art Credit: ThingLink, Tenor, 10Play

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