31 Day Challenge: Battlestar Galactica, Day 22: Least Favorite Pairing

Okay, so it’s Monday again (how?), and I’m exhausted (because of course); guess what that means!! Today is going to be a super short entry. It’s pretty helpful, though, that the answer to this challenge day is incredibly easy: Anastasia Dualla and Lee Adama.

She looks like she’s questioning every decision she’s ever made, and honestly, I think she should.

Anyway, I already talked about it some yesterday, so I won’t rehash that stuff here, and I get that sometimes people end up with partners that just don’t seem to fit. In a narrative sense, I suppose it tracks that Lee would just jump to the first person who paid attention to him after Starbuck just up and marries Anders, but I expect more from Dee. She had Billy right the fuck in front of her! And she seemed so much smarter than that. Even her infatuation with him was so out of character and came out of nowhere.

Ugh, I just hate them together so much.

(Note: I almost had Tory and Tyrol as my least favorite pairing, because I just don’t get that one, but I absolutely love that the Chief found their past-life romance to be hilarious.)

Art Credit: Wikipedia, Pinterest

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