28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 8: Favorite “Murder on the Rockport Limited” Moment

You know those people who like to be different just for the sake of being so? Well, that person is not me today, because I’m pretty sure my favorite bit from “Murder on the Rockport Limited” is a favorite series moment for the majority of people because it is hilarious.

The art is … not great, but it doesn’t even matter. Doesn’t take away from the sheer joy I get out of this scene. However, the above animatic doesn’t really feature the part of this moment that makes it my favorite. Justin’s realization that Jenkins/Griffin was having an emotional breakdown and forgetting the sound of his voice in real time was the absolute best. 

Oh, and if you don’t want to or can’t watch the video, here’s a transcript: 

JENKINS (GRIFFIN): Uh, and then behind that is, of course, the cargo car. You should’ve been walked through our security protocols at the station.
GRIFFIN: Wait, what am I doing? What’s this fucking voice?
CLINT: You’ve gone into Mr. Belvedere.
JENKINS: And then of course, behind —
GRIFFIN: What- what was it?
TRAVIS: It’s a moving target!
CLINT: It was Vincent Price!
JENKINS: And of course, behind —
CLINT: [imitating Droopy] And a little Droopy Dog, too.
TRAVIS: [imitating Droopy] I’m sad. I’m Jenkins. That’s how you sound!
JENKINS: And of course —
TRAVIS: [imitating Droopy] Back there’s the cargo car.
JUSTIN: [imitating Droopy] I’m sort of the Mel Blanc of the train. Keep everybody in stitches. All these different characters. Which one’s the real me? You’ll never know.
JENKINS: (beat) The three of you are being very cruel to me.
TRAVIS: [imitating Droopy] I’m sad now.
CLINT: [imitating Droopy] You’re making me very, very unhappy.
JENKINS: [choking up] I-I live to serve the people on this train, and I’ve never been treated like this in my life.
JUSTIN: Smokin’!
GRIFFIN: This is not – this is not out-of-character laughing. This whole time, everything you’ve done in the past two minutes has been to this man’s face. You’re just standing —
JENKINS: Do you want-do you even want the rest of the tour?
MERLE (CLINT): Yeah, I —
TRAVIS: I hug him.
JUSTIN: Wait wait wait. If this has all been in character, are you telling me that this person Jenkins, who is having this, like, incredible mental breakdown where he couldn’t remember what his own voice sounded like? We’re just-
TRAVIS: It was a very metaphysical moment for — “Who am I??
CLINT: It’s a psychotic incident!
JUSTIN: This is kayfabe. I need to know that Jenkins was having this breakdown right in front of us. [imitating Jenkins] “What is … No, that’s not it. It’s up here!”
TRAVIS: “Who am I?? What am Jenkins??”

It’s hard to read that and truly understand how fucking funny that whole sequence is, since so much of it is wrapped up in Justin’s and Griffin’s delivery, but goddammit, I had to stop the podcast for several minutes so I could get a hold of myself. I was chortling – guffawing if you will and went back and relistened probably around ten times before I continued into the episode, and any time I need a good laugh, I go to Episode 12, around 25:45, and enjoy.

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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