In which I have possibly unpopular opinions …

  1. Racing games and first person shooters are fucking boring. And yes, this is coming from the woman who loves the Halo series.
  2. Nirvana < Pearl Jam.
  3. I am a giant comic book nerd, but I am getting burnt out on seeing a new superhero movie every fucking year. That being said, OMG CAPTAIN MARVEL.
  4. I adore Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor. Hell, I even liked him in Star Trek: Into Darkness. But as a sex symbol? He just reminds me too much of Bruce, the big shark from Finding Nemo.
  5. Eyeliner and lip balm are the only two pieces of makeup anyone absolutely needs. I’ll make an allowance for mascara, but that’s it.
  6. Gin is the worst liquor in the world.
  7. Bourbon is the best liquor on the planet. My inner vodka-loving Polish girl is crying.
  8. I would actually miss the penny if we ever removed it from circulation. It keeps my piggy bank somewhat colorful.
  9. Libertarianism is for selfish people who don’t understand how the government (and by extension, the world) works.
  10. Kittens, while adorable, are much less preferable than an elderly cat who literally just wants to laze around and/or eat until it dies.
  11. Give me the blazing hot days of summer over the frigid cold of winter.
  12. I truly do not care if my veggies and fruits or organic, but I do care if they are locally sourced. Support your local farmers!
  13. Goodwill is just as bad as Walmart or Target. There are much better thrift shops and charities around that actually help people and don’t give their CEO a personal jet. Check locally!
  14. N*SYNC is better than the Backstreet Boys.
  15. The Restoration (right after the Civil War) is one of the more interesting eras of US history.
  16. Bacon is disgusting.
  17. House Hunters and all shows of their ilk make me hate humanity.
  18. I miss the soft rock and easy listening of the mid-90s. Yes, even Bryan Adams.
  19. Camping in a tent is so much more fun than in a camper, even if you have to play Tetris with your body to avoid the rocks under your blankets.
  20. Freesia is one of the worst smells that Bath & Body Works ever produced. See also: nearly every scent that Victoria’s Secret has ever produced.
  21. Vacuuming and mowing the lawn are the best chores.
  22. Washing dishes is the worst.
  23. I actively want pineapple on my pizza, and it’s the only way I’ll actually eat that fruit. (Plus, my pizza must come without cheese, but that’s a whole other convo.)
  24. Live music festivals are the literal worst. You get all sweaty, everything is stupidly expensive, and people just leave trash everywhere. I mean, I’m still going to go to some, especially if it’s got a band I wanna see, but I am not going to be happy about it.
  25. I would rather have a birthday pie, thankyouverymuch.

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