• I am woefully behind on Inktober, for two reasons: I work two jobs and I have been kind of devoid of artistic inspiration. I should probably start working on that.
  • I bought knitting and crocheting materials because I obviously need another hobby and also I want to make sure that I have another way I can make presents for people I love.
  • I also want to learn woodworking but don’t have a way to actually have a workshop in my apartment. I don’t think my landlord would like it if I had one, anyway.
  • I have come up with a new idea for NaNoWriMo and now I have to decide between three of them.
  • The desire to purchase land and build a house on it is growing exponentially and LOL I am poor with lower than average credit.
  • I’m switching to third shift in a week, and I’m already freaking out that I’m not going to be able to adjust.
  • Limbo is not a place that I handle well, and I think that’s why my brain is coming up with ways to distract itself. Which is basically just irritating the shit out of me.

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