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Y’all, I am officially starting the first completely new challenge for this site, and although I’m a bit intimidated by it, I’m excited to get into new(ish) things! The Lord of the Rings trilogy changed the landscape for movie adaptations, for better or for worse, much like the book series did on fantasy writing … well, writing, in general, to be completely honest. Although I can’t say that the trilogy was a life-changing experience – I have not been a fan of the books, for which I say sorry, I guess? and I definitely preferred Star Wars over the LOTR trilogy – it definitely inspired me when writing my own fantasy series, The Legion, to which I’m hoping to return once I finish my quickly multiplying side projects (Jill & Abby, Paradiso, Six Devil Creek, etc.).

Gah, I have so many things I want to do, and so little time …

Anyway, onto the challenge:

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