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on rotation

Just yesterday, I got back from a lovely mini-vacation in Savannah, GA and seriously just want to go back. I just fit into that town so well that I keep wondering if I shouldn’t just bite the bullet and move down there. There’s only a few things keeping me in Nashville at the moment, so maybe on down the road? Who knows.

On Saturday, my last day in the area, the sister and I decided to head onto Jekyll Island, about an hour-ish drive south from Savannah, and it was yet another reason that I wish I lived down there: the beach is insanely close. There’s something magical about the southern Atlantic coast that just calls to me. Honestly, just beaches in general are pretty high on my favorite things list.

This week’s playlist is definitely inspired by my beachy experience, so grab yourself some rum and sit out on your back porch for some good tunes!

God, that makes me sound so damn old. Oh well.

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