Well, the last 364 days were weird. I mean, everything since 2016 has just been beyond bizarre, and I’ve just kind of given up on making plans for anything. I mean, anything further than school seems a wee bit presumptuous on my part.

I mean, sure, I’ve got three challenges planned for this year, my goal is to graduate from nursing school by the end of August, and I’m pretty sure I already know where I’m going to work and live. But there is so much wiggle room – is the coronavirus just gonna go crazy and mutate into humanity’s demise? am I going to graduate? what if I change my mind about my living situation? – that I’m just going to take it day by day.

And I’m starting by doing a little 31 day challenge over on Instagram, except instead of my artwork (of which there will be more, I promise) or critiques of my faves, I’m going to do a one-second video each day throughout January. There will probably be some pretty key themes that can give you a glimpse into what my life is like (it’s not exciting or, like, overly entertaining to most people, but hey, it’s mine), but it might also surprise me.

I’m honestly feeling more secure in myself than I ever have in my entire life, and you know what? I am looking forward to recording little videos of my mundane life (especially in January) because I am who I am. I am happy to exist, and if by showing that happiness helps someone else recognize the same happiness that lives within them, then by god, I’m going to do it.

Feel free to join in on this! I’d love to see everybody’s Day in the Life.

Happy New Year!

on rotation

I said I’d do Christmas music this week, and well, I want to uphold my promises. So … here is my Christmas on rotation … It’s a mix of traditional stuff and some more out-there shit, because I like to keep things interesting. And just as a warning, Mariah Carey is on here; prepare yourself as necessary (I personally love the song, even after listening to it ad nauseum while I worked in retail).

Don’t say I didn’t give y’all anything, ya filthy animals.

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on rotation

It’s fiiiiiiiiiiiinals week! And I am a damned mess. I’m not nearly as stressed as I was last semester, although I think a lot of that has to do with a little drug known as Abilify. But my brain is still a wee bit scattered, which I think is pretty accurately shown in my music selection this week. I’m refusing to do Christmas music for multiple reasons, but mainly because it’s literally everywhere right now, but I may be arsed to do it next week. I’m going to be pissy about it, though. Until then, enjoy the weirdness that is my brain at the moment.











on rotation

LOL and you thought my story’s playlist was only ten songs long … there will definitely be more of these, too.

Basically, these are actually character specific – “Down by the Water” is definitely someone’s theme song – or they are to help me get into the mood to write a certain scene – “Smugglers” is from The Last of Us, so obviously I wouldn’t be able to actually license it (ah, the dream) but it does give a good ambiance.

But anyway, enjoy!

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30 day cowboy bebop challenge, supplemental post: in which I watched netflix’s cowboy bebop …

So … what did I think?

Y’all, I loved it. I even liked the whole eco-terrorists episode! And you guys know how I feel about Mrs. Murdock and her band of moron children. Spoilers ahead:

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I had this on my 2021 archives page but didn’t remember that I was doing this art challenge until I actually went to edit the archives page and saw that I had written it on there. So … I guess I’m doing the thing? I’m not sure what I meant by a mini-challenge, but my current interpretation of the event is to not do it every day? I’m giving myself 15 challenges over a 31-day period, which I think is a fair expectation, especially from someone who frequently gets overwhelmed with the goals I’ve given myself and just collapses from the pressure.

If you want to follow along, I’m doing the challenge over on Insta. My first entry was yesterday; I just forgot to mention it here … which is pretty on brand, really. But here’s what I made just a few hours ago:

golden dandelion …

I didn’t make the frame: that actually came with what I ended up using as a canvas, and I think it fits the painting quite well!

I’ll be trying a lot of new things this month, and it’s a bit scary so … wish me luck!

on rotation

Well, NaNoWriMo is now complete, and naturally, I did not win because LOL I’m in school and that kind of takes priority. But! I have almost a month of absolutely no school. I mean, I’m taking a short, self-paced herbalism course because of course I am, but other than that, I’m going to focus on writing. Over the past month, I’ve gotten a ton of inspiration, some from my wonderful writing group that I met through the Isa Mazzei writer workshop (currently on hiatus until she finishes her newest movie) and others from various sources, like the podcast Switchblade Sisters and even my own creative consciousness.

I already started writing last month – I wasn’t completely incapable of creativity for the whole of November – but I think I really hit my stride. Music played a huge role in that, so if you wanna check out my YouTube playlist, please do. If not, here are some highlights of how I want my story’s playlist to sound. A lot of these are obviously major pipe dreams, but hey, weirder things have happened to me.

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