Today is my last day at my current job. It’s slightly bittersweet: the work is, for the most part, enjoyable, and since I work from home, I don’t really have to deal with the coworkers that annoy the hell out of me just by opening their mouths. My relationship with my direct supervisor is a good one, again for the most part, that’s based on trust -something that I haven’t had in many of my previous jobs – and a shared nerd identity. I’ve developed at least two friendships over the last year and a half that I’m planning on keeping, and that’s not common for me at all. However, I’m thankful that I’m getting out when I am, mostly due to reasons that are rooted in my general disagreements on how the company handles a lot of their overarching procedures, and honestly, I would just bore the hell out of you describing how I think pharmacy flow should function. I mean, it’s fascinating to me, but I assume that it’s not the same for the vast majority of people.

Anyway, I do have additional takeaways from my tenure, mostly how I like to operate and the type of work environments I thrive in. They’re less discoveries and more reaffirmations of my super fun personality quirks. 1) I do not like … you know what, no. I hate micromanagement. 2) I have a healthy distrust in most authority figures, which actually kind of spreads out into the rest of my life and is a big reason I stopped being a churchgoer. 3) I’m good on the phone but fuck if I hate having to talk to people on it. I can’t gauge people’s reactions or facial responses, so I have to go on assumptions from their tone of voice, which is not always indicative of their mood. 4) I need a job that keeps me active. I loathe sitting all damn day.

I know that nursing is going to have plenty of challenges, and more likely than not, quite a bit of my Twitter feed is going to be me complaining about something. But another thing I’ve learned over my 37 years of life is that no job, no career, nothing is perfect. It is what you make of it, and hopefully, after you leave, everything is just a little bit better than when you started.

So farewell, old job, and hello, nursing school. Please don’t kill me.

31 day challenge

For reasons?

Honestly, I almost forgot I was doing a challenge until today because I got a reminder alert from my Google calendar and was like, “Oh. Whoops.” I guess that’s how my life is going to be for the next 16 months?

Anyway, I’m doing a Star Wars challenge, starting May 1, and it’ll be fun and not stressful at all! I’ll leave it to you to determine whether or not I’m being sarcastic here.

  • day 1: in which I was introduced to star wars …
  • day 2: in which I have a favorite movie …
  • day 3: in which I have a least favorite movie …
  • day 4: in which I have a favorite main character …
  • day 5: in which I have a least favorite main character …
  • day 6: in which I have a favorite scene in the phantom menace …
  • day 7: in which I have a favorite scene in the attack of the clones …
  • day 8: in which I have a favorite scene in revenge of the sith …
  • day 9: in which I have favorite music from the prequels …
  • day 10: in which I have a favorite scene in a new hope …
  • day 11: in which I have a favorite scene in the empires strikes back …
  • day 12: in which I have a favorite scene in return of the jedi …
  • day 13: in which I have favorite music from the originals …
  • day 14: in which I have a favorite scene in the force awakens …
  • day 15: in which I have a favorite scene in the last jedi …
  • day 16: in which I have a favorite scene in the rise of skywalker …
  • day 17: in which I have favorite music from the sequels …
  • day 18: in which I discuss prequels vs originals vs sequels …
  • day 19: in which I wish a character got more screen time …
  • day 20: in which something happened I wish didn’t …
  • day 21: in which something didn’t happen I wish did …
  • day 22: in which I have a favorite one-shot movie …
  • day 23: in which I have a favorite television series …
  • day 24: in which I have a favorite video game …
  • day 25: in which there is something I love that everyone else hates …
  • day 26: in which there is something I hate that everyone else loves …
  • day 27: in which I have a favorite battle …
  • day 28: in which I have a favorite quote …
  • day 29: in which I have favorite fan art …
  • day 30: in which I discuss what I’d like to see next …
  • Day 31: in which star wars inspires me …

Art Credit: Howard Chaykin via Tenth Letter of the Alphabet

on rotation

animated gif of men dancing while the word shots! repeats itself nine times

And I’m now officially vaccinated … well, once I hit two weeks after the final dose, I will be completely vaccinated against stupid Covid. So this is going to be Part 2 of the three-part Dance Dance Party Party “on rotation …” series, I suppose.

Also, just as a forewarning, this is a very weird compilation of music, but that’s where I’ve been since I got that stupid shot that knocked me for a loop for two days straight. Do I regret any of it? Of course not.












A bit of background about me and my immune system: I have a very … overprotective immune system. My body has a scorched earth policy when it comes to antigens, so when I get, say, the common cold, it’s basically like I have the plague. When I get the flu? Oh, I’m out for two weeks, at least, with another month or so of recovery. Like last February, around the time Covid was presenting itself like a coquettish first-time debutante, I contracted what was called a flu-like virus. I coughed for three months straight, ran a fever basically every day for about two and a half weeks, lost my voice for nearly three weeks, and was quarantined from work until I could prove that I didn’t have the coronavirus. I didn’t, as evidenced by two negative tests, but part of me always wondered if the test was incorrect.

And then I got The Shot.

The first dose wasn’t too bad. I was fatigued the next day, and my arm was sore at the injection site for about 72 hours. Other than that, it was a breeze. My tetanus shot from earlier this year hurt worse, and honestly, I had a worse reaction to the flu vaccine I got in September. I’d heard that the second shot was exponentially more difficult to get through than the first and that I should set aside at least a day to take it easy, and of course, my overly optimistic ass was like, “So like … watch movies all day? I mean, that’s fine.”




By the end of the day on Friday, literally only hours after I received the shot, I was exhausted. Like … I could barely keep my eyes open and focus on anything for more than a minute or two. I had homework I needed to complete, so I went to Starbucks to get the most caffeinated drink they could create. After I ordered, I stood over in the pickup area for a period of time. I don’t even know how long it was. I had forgotten what I had ordered and wondered if I had actually ordered or had dreamed it, and after that indeterminate amount of time, the barista said, “Ma’am, your order has been finished for a bit. Are you okay?” Normally, I would have apologized profusely and made some sort of sense out of my words, but instead, I shook my head and blinked a lot, grabbed my order, and walked out of the store mumbling to myself about … something. I think I was complaining about the shot? I remember complaining about something. Anyway, this is why you shouldn’t judge people – you don’t know if their brains are working correctly.

So Saturday was my parents’ 39th anniversary, and I was supposed to go over to their house and watch my grandmother while they went out to celebrate. That didn’t happen. Instead, I literally slept all day. I would get up to pee and grumble about feeling unwell, which was honestly exhausting. I had a fever, body and joint aches, major brain fog, and an angry injection site. Turning over in bed was a chore, and even the thought of having to use energy to figure out what movie to watch just seemed insurmountable. So I just slept. Luckily, my parents were understanding, and I’ll be taking over grandmother-sitting sometime soon, but I still felt terrible. You know, on top of feeling physically terrible. But you know what? My immune system was working its magic … its mean-spirited, over-the-top magic, but I suppose it’s consistent. And judging from anecdotal evidence, the likelihood that I had Covid back in early 2020 is slight, seeing as my reaction to the second dose aligns more with people who didn’t contract it.

About 48 hours after I got the second dose, I felt way better. I wasn’t operating on all cylinders, and taking four physiology tests was a ton of fun, but I could at least walk around my house without feeling like I was just going to collapse on the floor and fall asleep wherever I landed. I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, so I’m hoping that this trend continues and that I’ll back back up and running by, like, tomorrow.

And there goes my overly optimistic ass being all overly optimistic again.

on rotation

Busy week for this girl – Camp NaNo, school, work, getting ready for full-time school attendance, sleep, gardening, parenting kitties (they are being so extra right now), trying to keep active, four or five other projects that I may or may not come to anything, getting and recovering from my second dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, getting my CPhT certification renewed, getting new tags for my car (Athena), etc. – so guess what that means! No theme, no commentary, just what I’ve got playing on my various music streaming accounts. It’s actually been pretty diverse recently, ranging from country to j-pop, stuff I know well to new artists. So yay!












on rotation

Last month – Jesus, it’s already April – I did an “on rotation …” for movie soundtracks and realized that I could 100% do an entire post on video game soundtracks. There is just something about being swept up by a rousing score as you’re trying to beat a level, especially one where you’re fighting a baddie (or several). Even though story is definitely the most important part of a video game for me, the music plays a huge role in whether it truly resonates, and sometimes, it even makes the game for me. Like, Call of Duty is fine, I suppose, but the music doesn’t grab me like it does in, say, Halo (see below). Both are FPS, and arguably, COD has more plot – but Halo is always going to attract me more.

And it’s because of the music.


I figure let’s just get this one out of the way, since I’m sure you remember I did a whole blog challenge about this video game series, but this particular set of soundtracks from the trilogy still gets regular play from me, the whole way through. Even the DLC has great music, as you can see below!

Yeah, this game has a lot of soundtracks, from their atmospheric album to unreleased tracks, so … go to YouTube and check them all out. I’m not going to list them all here. The track I’ve listed is “Death from Above” from the Stolen Memory DLC.

2 – HALO 2, VOL. 1 & 2

This is one of the first video game soundtracks that I ever listened to (and pirated off of Limewire) after I played the game, and I’m actually fairly certain that I bought the discs at one point from Tower Records? Ahh, the good ol’ days when CDs were like $25 plus tax. This is still a kickass album, though! (NOTE: I also loooooove the soundtracks to Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach, so be sure to look at those, too.)

Tracks: Volume 1: 1) Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix feat. Steve Vai), 2) Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin), 3) Peril, 4) Ghosts of Reach, 5) Follow (1st Movement of the Odyssey) (Incubus), 6) Heretic, Hero, 7) Flawed Legacy, 8) Impend, 9) Never Surrender (feat. Steve Vai), 10) Ancient Machine, 11) 2nd Movement of the Odyssey (Incubus), 12) In Amber Clad (see video above), 13) The Last Spartan, 14) Orbit of Glass, 15) 3rd Movement of the Odyssey (Incubus), 16) Heavy Price Paid, 17) Earth City, 18) High Charity, 19) 4th Movement of the Odyssey (Incubus), 20) Remembrance, 21) Connected; Volume 2: 1) Prologue, 2) Cairo Suite, 3) Mombasa Suite, 4) Unyielding, 5) Mausoleum Suite, 6) Unforgotten, 7) Delta Halo Suite, 8) Sacred Icon Suite, 9) Reclaimer (feat. Steve Vai), 10) High Charity Suite, 11) Finale, 12) Epilogue


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this soundtrack before, but seriously? It’s so good. I have been obsessed with Lena Raine ever since I heard her work. Now, I haven’t played the game because it looks hard (honestly, all the old school platform games like it are deceptively difficult), but this soundtrack is incredible. The remix album that Lena Raine did is absolutely perfect, too.

Tracks: 1) Prologue, 2) First Steps, 3) Resurrections, 4) Awake, 5) Postcard from Celeste Mountain, 6) Checking In, 7) Spirit of Hospitality, 8) Scattered and Lost, 9) Golden, 10) Anxiety, 11) Quiet and Falling, 12) In the Mirror, 13) Madeline and Theo, 14) Starjump, 15) Reflection, 16) Confronting Myself (see video above), 17) Little Goth, 18) Reach for the Summit, 19) Exhale, 20) Heart of the Mountain, 21) My Dearest Friends

4 – FE

I accidentally fell in love with this game. My sister got into Ori, which has a similar feel to this game, I think, but there’s something about the little bipedal fox creature having to vocally harmonize with the rest of the forest that just gets to me. A big part of the draw to this game is definitely the soundtrack, so I highly recommend giving the whole thing a listen – not just what I post below – and FYI, it’s great falling-to-sleep music.

Tracks: 1) Gläntan, 2) Skogen, 3) Floden, 4) Trädet, 5) De Tysta, 6) Jätten Del 1, 7) Jätten Del 2, 8) Ruinerna, 9) Träsket, 10) Havet (see video above), 11) Fjället, 12) Grottan, 13) Nästet Del 1, 14) Nästet Del 2, 15) Fe


My favorite of the Fallout series, New Vegas‘ soundtrack has that Wild West feel to it, slightly different from the ambient music of Fallout 3 but still very clearly in the Fallout universe. Even though the radio stations are pretty great – I unironically listen to “Big Iron” by Marty Robbins pretty frequently – I find myself turning them off to enjoy Inon Zur’s work.

Tracks: 1) Main Title, 2) The Doctor Is In, 3) Howdy Pardner, 4) Wasteland Justice, 5) Mutant Massacre, 6) No Rest for These Bones, 7) Industrial De-Evolution, 8) Not My Vault, 9) Primm and Proper, 10) Knock on My Cazador, 11) Jacobstown Ladder, 12) CCC Doesn’t Work for Free, 13) Marcus Needs a Favor, 14) Mountaintop Movement, 15) Beneath the Streets, 16) Garden of Evil, 17) The Courier Walks Softly (see video above), 18) Under the Stars, 19) TCB in Freeside, 20) Out of Business, 21) Subterranean Meltdown, 22) Rubble of the Forgotten, 23) The Gangs of New Vegas, 24) Junkies in the Trunk, 25) Boys and Ghouls, 26) The Two-Headed Bear, 27) Battle for the City, 28) Rocket to Repconn, 29) Thorn in My Side, 30) Blood and the Bull, 31) Hail Caesar, 32) Righteous Republic, 33) The Viper’s Sting, 34) Monsters of the Mojave, 35) Dam Nation, 36) Begin Again, 37) Home on the Wastes, 38) New Vegas Valley, 39) Streets of New Reno


I’ve realized that I kinda like 8-bit style music? Maybe it’s because of nostalgia from before video game soundtracks got all orchestral? I dunno, but I guess it doesn’t matter: this is the second soundtrack styled like that on my list. Stardew Valley is one of my favorite games and these songs fit the game perfectly, giving you this homey feel. I even have the song from the video below as my alarm (it’s such a pleasant way to wake up!).

There are 70 tracks on this soundtrack and I don’t want to type them ALL out. So hop on over to ConcernedApe’s bandcamp and enjoy! Drop them $5 (or more!), too, for all their hard work. The track above is “Echos (Sebastian’s Theme),” and yes, I know it’s actually spelled “echoes,” but that’s how they spell it.


Yes, I love this game, and I don’t care who knows that it’s my favorite of all of them. I had a huge crush on both Basch and Fran (still kinda do?), and honestly, this is another video game that has inspired a lot of my writing. But anyway, this music – and the game, too – is just so damn well done that it’s unfortunate it doesn’t get as much praise as other entries in the FF universe do. And OMG, I just found out it’s available on Xbox, so guess what this girl is going to be playing when she isn’t studying.

Okay, and this one also has like five billion tracks, so if you wanna see the names, head on over to Wikipedia. The track above is “Eruyt Village.”


Now, I didn’t play Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age 2 until after I had already completed a DA: I campaign, so for me, Trevor Morris’ was the music I was introduced to, and I must say, I’m not as much a fan of the older games’ scores. I mean, they’re fine? But nothing particularly special, which I know will rile some people up, but hey, I stand by my opinions.

Tracks: 1) Main Theme, 2) Escape from the Fade, 3) The Wrath of Heaven, 4) Calling the Inquisition, 5) Champions of the Just, 6) Lord Seeker, 7) In Hushed Whispers, 8) Sacrifice, 9) Alexius, 10) In Your Heart Shall Burn, 11) The Dawn Will Come, 12) Journey to Skyhold, 13) The Western Approach, 14) Siege of Adamant, 15) Adamant Fortress, 16) The Fall, 17) The Place of All Fears, 18) Nightmare’s End, 19) Val Royeaux, 20) Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, 21) The Inquisition Marches, 22) The Lost Temple, 23) Death on the Bridge, 24) Guardians of the Past, 25) The Well of Sorrows (see video above), 26) Call His Wrath, 27) The Lie in Which You Linger, 28) Battle in the Sky, 29) Tooth and Scale, 30) Let the Skies Boil, 31) Doom Upon All the World, 32) Orb of Destruction, 33) The Scar, 34) Return to Skyhold, 35) Epilogue, 26) The Elder One Theme, 37) Orlais Theme, 38) Thedas Love Theme, 39) A World Torn Asunder (gameplay trailer)


Although I’m firmly in Camp “Super Mario Bros.2 Is the Best of the Old Mario Games,” I have to say that the soundtrack to Super Mario World is probably the most recognizable of all of them for me. I remember going over to our neighbors’ house to try and get a few minutes of riding around on Yoshi before they would take the controller back. Like … why invite us over if you were the only ones who were going to play it? I’m still a little mad about it.

Head on over to YouTube, where there’s like 60 or so tracks, in a helpful little playlist! The track above, though, is “Star Road,” probably one of my favorites.


Yes, I know this is a meathead game, and I don’t really care. Jablonsky does a great job establishing this epic feel – probably why Michael Bay wanted him for the Transformers movies – and you don’t get to tell me you don’t feel pumped up hearing those strings, drums, and horns build and build. Jesus, so damn good. This soundtrack was also pretty emotionally diverse, which kind of surprised me; since I’m going with “Armored Prayer” below, you really should check out With Sympathy if you get a chance. It’s a beautiful, heart-wrenching song.

Tracks: 1) Return of the Omen, 2) Hope Runs Deep, 3) Green as Grass, 4) Expectations, 5) Finally, A Lead, 6) Armored Prayer (see video above), 7) Hold Them Off, 8) Derrick Chase, 9) Building Thunder, 10) Hell Breaks Loose, 11) Bedlam, 12) Breakneck, 13) Landown, 14) Racing to Extinction, 15) If They Can Ride ‘Em, 16) Hollow, 17) Unexpected Changes, 18) Marche of the Horde, 19) Highway, 20) Denizens of the Deep, 21) With Sympathy, 22) Insurmountable Odds, 23) Bump in the Night, 24) Frenzy, 25) Outpost, 26) Finale, 27) Autumn of Mankind